Monday, April 19, 2010

Review: Tarte Cheek Stain

So I tried out the Tarte cheek stains in 2 different shades: Green Siren (a peachy apricot shade) and Flower Child (a plummy pink).
I've used them in two different ways, before I apply liquid foundation and after. Neither really work well for me. If I apply before foundation I never seem to apply enough to be seen through my foundation. And the rubbing of my cheeks makes them kind of red and blotchy. I've also applied after liquid foundation and I get the same blotchy results.
Every other review I've read on Tarte cheek stains has been glowing. How easy it is to apply and how you skin glows after. I have not found this to be true for me! It does not glide on my skin! I've applied straight from the tube and applied to my fingers first to warm it up. Same crappy results!
Also the Green Siren shade seems to be drier than the Flower Child, not sure why that is.
They look OK on my lips.......

Update on Revlon Photo Ready foundation

It doesn't work for me. I wore it for a while and then one day after work (I work at/in a gym) I looked closely at my face. It had melted off in places but not in others. Not pretty!
So now I'm trying to use up the 2 bottles I bought by mixing it with my Revlon ColorStay. This works much better for my skin!
So the bottom line is, this may work for different skin types but not for mine.