Friday, April 3, 2009

Rebecca Minkoff Obsession!

After I got a full size Nikki, I HAD to have another big bag. That's when I came across the lovely Sideral Gray Devote Tote (thanks to a supa cool chick!). This bag is ginormous! Huge, I tell ya! And I love it ;)

3383906049 by you.

3383906052 by you.

3383906046 by you.

3383906040 by you.


  1. You rock this bag! Love your pics, too!

  2. oh my gawsh t, i love both bags on you! you go, girlie! where's your dove!? ;)

  3. omg. i echo everyone else's sentiments. This is such a gawjuss bag!

  4. glad to see someone from the forum here on blogger! i shall follow!

  5. Love the bag and that minkette charm is <3

  6. ya know what? i'm looking at your pics again, and this bag is about the size of neverfull MM!! so imagine that size but about 3 inches larger vertically & horizontally (that'd be neverfull GM). craziness huh?!


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