Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dior/China Glaze Mash Up

After seeing swatches of Dior Rock Coat, I was very excited to get my hands on it. Rock Coat transforms the base polish into something really special and different!
I decided to try it over a lighter color first, China Glaze White Cap a frosty white with golden micro glitter. My initial results were less than great! Rock Coat is pretty hard to use, it can go on uneven and streaky. And the brush is too clunky and doesn't fit my nail beds well at all.
The color results of this mash up (after 2 coats of Rock Coat) were actually a very pretty bronze color. However, the finish was very uneven and I couldn't get close to my cuticle edge so I had a strip of White Cap peeking through. Not pretty!

I ended up removing the first attempt, decanting Rock Coat into a clean OPI bottle and reapplying it all!
My results the second time around were a lot better. I applied one coat of White Cap and one coat of Rock Coat, trying to apply it as evenly as I could. I ended up with a few streaky fingers but overall much better results!

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